Thursday, November 16, 2006


Three things I didn't know...but that don't surprise me

1. The frozen Margarita was invented in Dallas, and "it was coeds from nearby Southern Methodist University who really spread the drink's fame."

2. In France, you can take the wild mushrooms you've picked to any drug store to make sure you avoid toxic varieties, because "all pharmacists here are trained mycologists."

3. Lonesome Dove, a restaurant that's perfect in Fort Worth, is not doing so well in New York.

Ha! I knew the margarita one!!
P.S. Stupid New Yorkers just don't know any better...Steak tastes better when you're surrounded by Texas kitsch, didn't you know? Anyway, all the food stuff that the reviewer said was bad sounded great... probably because I LIKE my meat smothered in other stuff... like A1 sauce. Yum!
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