Thursday, November 09, 2006


Quote of the Day

From a New York Times review of rapper The Game's new album: "Hi-Tek produced the slow-rolling "Ol' English," a tribute to the Game's favorite malt liquor and his favorite typeface, too."

Several of us have been having fun today thinking of new rap topics fitting the booze/font theme. Feel free to play along.

Laphroig and Century Gothic
Monopolova and Helvetica
Saucerne Sans Serif
Monotype Corosiva and Courvoisier
Dewars and Dwellers
Diploma and Dimple Pinch
Haettenschweiler and Goldschlager
Trebuchet Sauvignon
Malibu and ...Malibu

Of course, as fun as this is, none of us have attempted to actually write rap lyrics. Maybe this weekend.

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