Monday, October 02, 2006


Why I have to go to chicago soon

Gourmet magazine named Alinea, in Chicago, the country's best restaurant. For the record, I've been to numbers 2, 3, 29, and 41. Part of the charm (and pathetic conspicuous consumption) of going to French Laundry was that it was the undisputed best restaurant in the nation. Oh well.

I worked briefly at #29, and he is another guy I'd like to kick in the balls. (Yeah, I have quite a list.) Did I ever tell you about the time Marco's wife wouldn't let the Rolling Stones come in to eat because they insisted on smoking? Marco banned her from answering the phone after that.
I remember TRS talking about that on the radio the next day... HAHAHA No phone privileges BBEEEEATCH!
That sounds right. What makes the Rolling Stones think they are above prohibited substance laws?

Surely Keith and the boys would have been happy to smoke out back by the dumpster with the cooks.
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