Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Fish fun

Frank Bruni's two most recent blog posts concern fish with multiple names. The first post concerns Branzino, which is really popular in New York right now (and which I watched Giada cook on television a few days ago).

On the follow-up post, he provides a link to the Food and Drug Administration page where you can look up all the different names a fish can be marketed under. He calls it fun for the whlie family. Fun indeed. So far, I've tried Red Snapper, Sea Bass, and Mahi Mahi.

Bruni's post before the fish fun is a meditation on doggie bags. He and several commentators point out that doggie bags often get left on the table. But the New York-based Bruni doesn't contemplate an even worse fate for doggie bags--being left in the car.

Picture this scenario: You meet your girlfriend at Flip's for a late dinner on Thursday night. You order salmon, and you eat half of it. You have the remaining salmon boxed up to enjoy for lunch later. You then follow your girlfriend over to her apartment, where you forget the fish in the car. You end up spending the weekend at her apartment, driving her car back and forth to work. So you dont realize you left the fish in your car until you get back into the car on Monday morning, after three full days in the Texas summer. It takes more than a week for the smell to go away.

And that's why I never get doggie bags anymore.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Home Inventory

Without much to report on the dining out front, I thought I’d turn inward and take a quick inventory of the house.

Amanda’s cookbooks: 60
Bottles of wine in the bottom of Little Miss’s closet: 41 (they're not hers)
Bottles of wine in dining room wine rack: 11
Bottles of wine still in shipping box in dining room: 6
Bottles of Champagne in the refrigerator: 1
Bottles of Scotch: 3
Bottles of vodka: 4
Bottles of tequila: 3
Cans of Campbell's Soup: 4
Boxes of Brown Paper Chocolate: 3
Amount spent on dining, year to date: $4142
Amount spent on groceries, year to date: $2175
Amount spent at Spec's Wine Warehouse, last year: $622
Amount spent at Whataburger, last 12 months: $36
Pots and pans: 11
Knives: 18
Wine openers: 8
Types of oil: 2
Types of vinegar: 10
Frozen pizzas in freezer: 2
Frozen pizzas in freezer, including half-eaten bag of pizza rolls: 3

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